• How to Choose Kids Sweaters

    Children are quite easy to catch a cold. As autumn is here, mothers all hope that children wear warm clothes to avoid getting sick. The most popular clothing choice for kids in autumn and winter is wholesale kids sweaters, but many winter clothes are actually too tight and bulky for children. Some children are also very sensitive to the feeling of things, and it is inevitable that they will also cause allergies.

    1. Size

      kiskissing wholesale kid christmas cartoon snowflake sweater

      Size is the most important thing for sweaters. The size of kids sweaters directly affects its clothing style. If the size is not well chosen, children will inevitably feel uncomfortable to wear. Generally knitted sweaters are washed several times. It is easy to shrink. It is recommended to choose a style that is one size larger. The crochet yarn type is easy to get bigger. You can choose a clothes size that fits the child.

    2. Pattern Matching

      kiskissing wholesale kid boy bear pullover sweater

      You can choose cartoon patterns sweaters for children, and lively patterns are most popular with children. Another advantage is that it is not as dirty as light colors, and the biggest advantage is that when he walks on the street, he can be easily recognized (safety).

    3. Color Matching

      kiskissing wholesale kid boy colorful stripe pullover sweater

      Color has a great influence on sweaters. When choosing colors, not only the skin color of the wearer should be considered, but also the design style. For example, long sweater coats generally choose thicker colors and wear them inside. Sweaters generally choose neutral colors, of course, this is not fixed, the most important thing is to be in harmony with the children's style, and to match your clothes. For children, choose rich and bright colors, nothing can be wrong.

    4. Selection of Sweater Knitting Types

      kiskissing wholesale kid boy girl plain crew neck sweater

      Generally, sweaters are divided into crochet and rib styles. Ribbed has a wide range of commercial appeal and is also the preferred element for creating mid-length dresses and round neck turtleneck sweaters. Rib knitted fabric is a knitted fabric in which a single yarn is formed in wales on the front and back in sequence. Rib knitted fabric has the dispersibility, hemming and extensibility of plain weave fabric, and also has greater elasticity. Crochet is one of the most common knitting art. It is simple and easy to learn, and the tools are not complicated. It only needs a crochet hook, plus the thread or wool used for crochet. The work is characterized by more hollow patterns.

    Kids are both sweat and cute, so when we choose sweaters for them, we can’t select the items by adults’ standards, but proceed from the reality, pick out some suitable wholesale childrens clothing from Kiskissing for our beloved little ones.

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